Sunday, September 28, 2008

Project Runway Episode 10 Challenge!

Challenge number ten is to create a professional look for a recent college graduate. I'm looking forward to this as I have been wanting to dress Stella and Max is more current clothing, a departure from the Skipper vintage party dress pattern :).

Challenge 9 Results!

Well here's Max as an Avante Garde Aries. Really, I don't think the look is Avante Garde, but the fabric is hideous, and in this proportion to the model, is waaay out there. The rolled collar is a nod to rams' horns, and the fire element is self-evident. I bought the fabric precisely because it is so wacky, I don't really even like it. This was also frustrating fabric to work with, and I finished it wondering how many PR looks go down the runway held together with safety pins....

As always, click on the photos to see the full size images on Flickr.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Runway Episode 9 Challenge!

OK, so I don't have a kicked-off designer to pair with, which is OK. I'm going to make an Avante-Garde look for Max based on the zodiac sign Aries, which is my sign. Stella's a Taurus and Max is a Cancer, (both about which I know a little) but I'm going to express fire and curly horns for this one. Stay tuned, I've started it already and it's going to be hot. Well OK maybe just bizarre.

Maybe while I finish it I can pretend I'm arguing with Michael Kors about what's Avante Garde and what's not....a girl can dream...

Challenge 8 Results!

So I am seriously messed up and behind on these challenges, which is OK because NOBODY READS THIS BLOG! Seriously! I could say anything here.

Anyway, here is the result of the DVF challenge. I decided to depart from her "look" and add some color. I LOVE her work but it is mostly neutral in hue. I have to admit, if I had more time I would've fussed with embellishments, but I didn't.

And I will add that, concerning last night's episode (Sept 24), I am a bit peeved that Kenley didn't get the boot. I think she is so obnoxious, which is probably why the producers keep her. After all, PR is not a personality contest; if it were, half the finalists from previous seasons wouldn't have made it....

Anyway, click on the images to see their full size at Flickr.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Project Runway Episode 8 Challenge!

The 8th Project Runway challenge this season is to design a "look" for Diane von Furstenberg's fall collection. It's about Marlene Dietrich, Shanghai, Berlin, travelers and international spies. For a look at von Furstenberg's 2008 fall collection, go here: Diane von Furstenberg Collection.

Challenge 7 results!

Shaggy Chic

Well this challenge called for adjusting the parameters a bit. Rather than actually getting car parts for this challenge, I widened the allowed materials to include things that you use on a car, and things that would be in a car in Stella's ideal world. That is: dusty rose (faux) suede (Stella's choice for upholstery) and a wash mitt. A PREMIUM CHENILLE WASH MITT. With a super-shaggy pile. From Target.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Project Runway Episode 7 Challenge!

The challenge for episode 7 is to create a "look" using materials from a Saturn car.

Thinking on this, I had to adjust the parameters. My first thought was to go to an auto supply store and just buy stuff. But car stuff is expensive, and I didn't feel like spending money on a whole seat cover or sun shade or whatever just to use up about 1/8 yard of material.

So I expanded the criteria to include things that you *use* on or in a car, which helped. The results should be along soon. I think the outfit is going to be really cool.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Challenge 6 Results!

G.I. Joe as a drag queen. The "dress" was relatively simple, it was the hair, make-up and pedicure that was challenging :).