Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project Runway Episode 2 Challenge!

And...the second challenge create a look for your model as a client using "green" (eco-friendly) materials. And your girl gets to pick her own fabric and notions!

Since Tim Gunn won't be here to supervise the shopping, we'll have to take our girls ourselves.

So...somebody tell me...what is "eco-friendly" fabric? All natural materials? Organic dyes? How about un-bleached muslin (yawn).

What will the fabric-ladies at JoAnne's say when I ask them for eco-friendly fabrics? This could be interesting, but I'm always up for a fabric shopping challenge...


Leigh said...

Eco-friendly could also come from reusing something that would otherwise go in a landfill. So maybe find a shirt that has a stain or rip that the owner is going to throw away, and find usable fabric by cutting it up.

Kim Tedrow said...

Hi Leigh -- I thought the recycling thing might be a good option as well. Thanks for stopping by!