Sunday, August 17, 2008

Challenge 3 Results!

I chose to do two looks for challenge 3, because the first look I did was inspired by something in the day time. On watching the episode again, I realized that I needed a night time shot and a night out look. Plus, I got a new girl so now I have two models.

Below is one of the first shots I took for the challenge, a building in downtown Lincoln. I love the architecture and the color palette.
The second shot I took is from standing under the lit dome at the Sunken Gardens at twilight. I love how the blue sort of "glows" behind the structure. The lace-like work of the dome depicts trees and landmarks of Lincoln around the bottom edge. Around the inside of the bottom of the dome is some text, some of which reads "the most beautiful place in the city." And, although I live only several blocks from the garden, I'd never before visited them at twilight. There is certainly an air of magic there at that time.
So here are my girls, Stella (blonde) and Max (blue) wearing their Challenge 3 dresses. I do have to admit that they, and I, are not entirely pleased with the results. As Laura Bennett of Season 4 would say, "there's a whole lot of ugly going on in that room."
Stella says, "good thing my hair is longer than this dress, at least something is covering up my ass!" (Yes that girl swears like a sailor!)Max, on the other hand, is slightly less peeved than Stella, although the dress itself is a tad short, and the lace is M.O.B., she likes that the dress matches her fabulous blue hair.

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